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I am available to undertake talks, demonstrations, workshops and classes and I have previously worked in schools and colleges as well visiting various art groups and societies. Sessions are suitable for students of all ages from young children to the more mature participant!


During my talks I explain the development of my work from paper pieces to larger mixed media images in which textiles feature strongly. I bring a wide range of examples and discuss the techniques that I use as well as the inspiration behind each piece. The content can be changed slightly if required, just ask!


Fantastic Flowers

A sewing machine, fabrics, soldering iron and glue gun are needed for this workshop. You will learn how to bond fabric together in order to create an intensely coloured piece of material which will be made into a 3D flower with a padded centre.

Fantastic Frames

This workshop involves cutting, shaping and incising pieces of “fab foam” in order to create a decorative, elaborate frame or border which can be used around an image or mirror. The frames will be painted, sprayed and embellished. In addition you will learn how to use the foam in other creative contexts.


Monoprinting Workshop

You will prepare a variety of paper surfaces including inked and collaged pieces. You will then produce a number of prints based on your own source materials or imagery that I provide. You will then work into the pieces with bleach, paint and embellishments.


Fabulous Fish

Learn how to make a 3D fish by using pipe cleaners, wadding, wool and fabric. Alternatively use the bonded fabric technique (as in “Fantastic Flowers”) to create a fish, seahorse or butterfly!

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