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Solo/Major Exhibitions               

 2009 Nikki Parmenter, Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery      

2008 The Same Sky, Salford Museum and Art Gallery

2007 The Same Sky, Touring around North Wales

2005 Creation Myths and Mandalas, 20 21 Gallery, Scunthorpe

2004 Mandala Raga, Drumcroon Art Gallery, Wigan

2003 Creation Myths and Mandalas, Stockport Art Gallery

2002 Recent Work, Ashton Art Gallery

2002 Secret Garden, Octogon Theatre, Bolton

2001 Secret Garden, Stairs Turnpike Gallery

2001 Secret Garden, Buxton Art Gallery

2001 Secret Garden, Rotheram Art Gallery

2001 Secret Garden, Wyvern Theatre, Swindon

2001 Secret Garden, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

2000 Secret Garden, Newcastle Art Gallery

1999 Secret Garden, Bury Art Gallery

1999 Secret Garden, Huddersfield Art Gallery

1998 Tree of Life, Warrington Art Gallery

1998 Tree of Life, Astley Cheetham Art Gallery

1997 Recent Paintings, Stockport Art Gallery

Group Exhibitions

​Stockport Art Gallery

Salford Art Gallery

Shrewsbury Art Gallery

Grosvenor Museum

Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

Haworth Art Gallery

Bagshaw Museum

Drumcroon Art Gallery

Platform Gallery

St Helens

Ferens Art Gallery


​People's Choice Award at The Potteries

Musuem and Grosvenor Museum

Prize winner in The Kodak Competition

Ferens Open Exhibition Hull

My work has also been displayed in Hungary, Germany and France.

I have had articles published in books, magazines and on the internet

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