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 I am a Cheshire based artist who specialises in mixed media, textile based  pieces. I take my inspiration from a variety of sources and I am particularly  interested in the way in which ancient societies created a series of visual  symbols to represent the things which were important to them. I investigate  myth and legend and draw parallels between societies, showing that although  many people have different beliefs we are all united by visual iconography.

 I have exhibited widely both in group and solo shows both here and abroad  and have had articles published in magazines and on the internet. I also  feature in Kim Thittichai's book, 'Experimental Textiles'. My work has won  prizes at  The  Ferens Open, The Potteries Open and the Grosvenor Open  Exhibitions.

 I have recieved positive feedback from the galleries where I have exhibited as  I try to make my work accessible to all age range and to people from different  backgrounds. Viewers, especially younger people, respond to the visual  richness of the objects whilst others make connections with their own  religious beliefs and feelings.

 My work offers plenty of scope for educational events and I am able to offer  Gallery talks, demonstrations and workshops. 

 I am a member of the Cheshire Artists Network and have exhibited in several group exhibitions with the group. 

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